Where Is Max Holloway Ex-Wife Kaimana Paaluhi Now? Her Bio, Career & Net Worth

Where Is Max Holloway Ex-Wife Kaimana Paaluhi Now Her Bio, Net Worth

If you are wondering, Where Is Max Holloway ex-wife Kaimana Paaluhi Now and Her Bio Net Worth, this article is for you. Kaimana Paaluhi was born in Waianae, Hawaii, and is of Portuguese and Samoan descent. Her parents, David and Raquel Paaluhi, are tattoo artists and former mixed martial arts fighters. She also runs a hybrid jiu-jitsu gym in Las Vegas. At the age of twelve, Kaimana Paaluhi appeared in the Disney movie Princess Kaiulani. After the film’s release, she signed with the Wilhelmina Hawaii Modeling agency.

Kaimana Paaluhi is a model

Kaimana Paaluhi is an American model. She got fame when she dated mixed martial artist Max Holloway. The couple was in a long-term relationship before they tied the knot on February 14, 2012. It is not known whether Kaimana Paaluhi is gay or straight. There are no reports about Kaimana Paaluhi’s affairs or controversial events.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Kaimana Paaluhi attended a private school. She later went on to pursue her studies at a university. Her parents also supported her dream of modeling and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. At an early age, she started a modeling career. Despite being a model, she initially wanted to become an actress. Despite being a native Hawaiian, Kaimana Paaluhi has achieved a lot.

Where Is Max Holloway exwife Kaimana Paaluhi Now Her Bio Net Worth

The former wife of UFC star Max Holloway, Kaimana Pa Aluhi is currently focused on her career. However, she keeps her personal life very low-profile. Her ex-husband Max is involved with surfer Alessa Quizon. The two dated for several years before getting engaged in 2012. The couple separated in 2014 and divorced in 2017.

Originally from Hawaii, Kaimana Pa’aluhi’s modeling career began at a young age. Her parents encouraged her to pursue modeling while she was still a child. Her early modeling career earned her a salary of $50,000 a year. She lives comfortably with her family. She will be worth a million dollars by 2022. The next time you are wondering how much money Kaimana Paaluhi has made, don’t forget to check out her website.

The Hawaii native is currently single. In February 2019, she visited Universal Studios Hollywood. She is married to MMA fighter Max Holloway. Their son, Rush, is a part of their public lives. Their son’s name is Rush Holloway. Kaimana Paaluhi’s husband Max Holloway has also been dating model Alessa Quizon. However, the two haven’t revealed their relationship status.

She is a surfer

The surfing sensation from Hawaii is a recognizable name in the sports industry. Besides surfing, she is also an acclaimed model. She was born on November 14, 1994, in Waianae, Hawaii. Her parents are both fitness and sports-oriented. She has no known rumors about her personal life. It is unknown if she has Samoan ancestry or not, but she is of Native American descent and holds American nationality.

Born in Hawaii, Kaimana Paaluhi has two sisters. Her sister, Raquel, is a mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. It is not known if she is still dating Max, her former husband. However, the young Kaimana Paaluhi has always been interested in modeling, and it is not hard to see why. In fact, her modeling career started at an early age, and she originally wanted to become an actress, but decided against it.

Since then, Kaimana has been involved in a number of movies and television shows. She was introduced to acting while still a child. In 2014, she was married to Max Holloway, an American mixed martial artist and Featherweight division champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The couple later separated, and their relationship is no longer public. However, Kaimana is still in love with Max, and the two are co-parenting their son.

The Hawaiian native has an Instagram account with about 600 followers. She is more active on Instagram than on Facebook, where she shares pictures of her surfing with her son. In addition to her Instagram account, she has a Twitter handle, which has 8.1k followers. She is a popular surfer on Instagram and has an impressive profile photo. So, if you are looking for her Instagram profile, you can find out more about her by following the link below.

She is a former wife of MMA fighter Max Holloway

The ex-wife of MMA fighter Max Holloway has made a name for herself in the world of mixed martial arts. She is a UFC Featherweight Champion and currently competes for Gracie Technics Team. Her husband Mark Holloway left her when she was 11 years old, and since then, Max has only been in a few public appearances. As of fall 2020, she was listed as No. 8 in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings and No. 1 at featherweight. However, she has kept her relationship status quiet, preferring to remain private.

The former wife of MMA fighter Max Hollowae married a tattoo artist named David Pa’aluhi in 2012. The couple were married in 2012, and their wedding was celebrated in a grand style. They were also accompanied by their children. The couple is a healthy couple, and their relationship has been described as friendly and supportive. However, the divorce took place after just two years of marriage. The divorce was due to unknown reasons, which remain unrevealed to the public.

Raquel Pa’aluhi, an American mixed martial artist, is a model. She began modeling as a child, and was signed to Wilhelmina Hawai’i Modeling Agency at age 16. During her teenage years, she was also an actress, playing the role of a young Princess Kaiulani in the film. She was described as “lovely and passionate”, although there is little information on her personal life.

As of January 2020, the two are no longer married. However, the former couple shared a son together. Kaimana Paaluhi has since been reported as the ex-wife of MMA fighter Max Holloway. While there is no official confirmation of the relationship, both parties claim that it is no longer a happy one. And there are many other reasons.

She is a divorcee

The former wife of actor Max Holloway, Kaimana Paaluhi is of Samoan, Portuguese, German and Irish origin. She was married to Holloway in 2004 and has a son, Rush Holloway. She and Holloway divorced in 2014. The couple’s son lives with both parents. The couple had no affairs or children. Kaimana Paaluhi has a long list of projects on her resume, and has never been involved in a controversy.

She was only 12 when she first starred in the film “Princess Kaiulani.” The director of the film called her “passionate, beautiful and haunting.” After her divorce from Holloway, she went on to become a model. Among her other accomplishments, she is best known for being the ex-wife of MMA fighter Max Holloway. She is still active on social networking sites.

The actor dated Max Holloway for several years before they married. The couple had a long-distance relationship before tying the knot. Their marriage occurred on February 14, 2012. The couple have yet to share the details of their split. Kaimana Paaluhi’s son Rush Holloway is a close friend of his father and has attended numerous fighting events with him.

The actor Kaimana Holloway is an American citizen of mixed ethnicity. She is a former model who has acted in several movies and television shows. Her role in the film Princess Kaiulani was a major part of her life. She has brown eyes and blonde hair and is of average height. She is married to Max Holloway and they have a son. The two are still very close and have a good relationship.

She has a son with Holloway

Kaimana Paaluhi has married Max Holloway and they have a son, Rush Holloway. They have an informal co-parenting relationship. They both regularly attend their son’s school functions and go on family trips together. They also have a close bond as father and son. In December 2018, the couple was spotted spending time at Universal Studios, Hollywood, together. Kaimana’s son has a strong father-son relationship with Max Holloway, and it’s safe to say that he’ll remain close to his mother and father.

After dating for several years, Kaimana and Max got married in 2012. They separated in 2014 and later divorced in 2017. In 2017, the couple welcomed their son, Rush Holloway. Although the couple has not publicly revealed their relationship status, Kaimana and Max co-parent their son together and attend each other’s family events. In the meantime, Kaimana has been working as a model, and she and Max enjoy spending time with their son.

Kaimana Paaluhi is a Hawaiian model and an actress. She was encouraged by her parents to pursue a career in modeling. At the age of 16, she began working as a model. Kaimana also had a career in acting, and has also appeared in a few movies. She has not dated anyone since their split. She has a son with Max Holloway, named Rush Holloway.

In addition to being a martial artist, Kaimana Paaluhi also has a long-term relationship with American mixed-martial arts star Max Holloway. The couple began dating in early 2012 and married on February 14, 2012. They have a son named Rush Holloway. The couple separated in 2014.

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