Who is Martine Croxall Husband? Her Bio, Net Worth, Married & Wedding

Who is Martine Croxall Husband Her Bio, Net Worth, Married & Wedding

It’s hard to find any details about the personal life of Martine Croxall. She’s a journalist by profession and does not often discuss her private matters. But there is no denying that she’s married and has two kids. Her husband, Stephen Croxall, is a retired accountant and he is worth a considerable amount of money. If you’re interested in knowing more about the married couple and their children, check out our article.

Stephen Morris

BBC newsreader Martine Croxall married businessman Stephen Morris in 2000. They have two children, Julian and Genevieve. They live in Saint Albans, Hertfordshire. Stephen Morris is the founder and managing director of the Facilitator Agency, which recruits and trains specialized practitioners for a range of sectors and creates workshops and training programmes. Croxall is also a well-known public speaker and has presented on topics including politics, business, the arts and the environment.

Martine Croxall married Stephen Morris in 2000. He is the managing director and founder of Facilitator Agency. The couple has two children together. It is unclear if Martine Croxall has any children of her own. Stephen Morris and Martine Croxall have not disclosed their children’s names and ages. The couple have not released any other information about their personal lives. However, Martine Croxall’s biography says that she is a writer and journalist.

Born in Pisces

In 1969, BBC news presenter Martine Croxall was born in the sign of Pisces. She is a British citizen and is one of the leading news presenters today. Her full name is Martine Sarah Croxall FRGS. Martine was born on Sunday, 23 February, and is now a prominent broadcaster. She holds a British nationality and is a member of the white ethnic group.

The star sign of Martine Croxall is Pisces, which explains why she has a secretive lifestyle. Martine is married to Stephen Morris, who is the director of PEAR and the founder of Facilitator Agency Ltd. The couple wed in 2000 and have two children. Martine has a daughter and a son, but has not disclosed their names. The Croxalls live in St. Albans, UK.


When it comes to personal life, Martine Croxall is rarely seen and never speaks about her marriage. She married Stephen Croxall in 2002 and they have two children together. Though there is no official confirmation about the names of the children, it is still safe to assume that they are married and have a strong bond. The couple lives in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, with the children. In addition to their marriage, Martine Croxall rarely posts about her children or their relationships.

Martine Croxall has two daughters. Her first daughter was born in 2002 and her second child was born in 2004. She has also worked as a radio presenter for the BBC. Her husband is an entrepreneur, and together they started the Facilitator Agency, which employs specialist practitioners and facilitators to provide training and other services for various companies. The agency has been in operation since 2003. Its members have worked with companies from all over the world on a variety of projects.

Has two children

Martine Croxall was born on February 23, 1969 in Leicestershire, England. She is married to Stephen Morris, the managing director of Facilitator Agency, and has two children. Her estimated net worth is around $5 million. Although the couple has not disclosed any information about their children, they have not denied that Martine Croxall has two kids. Martine Croxall is a beautiful and mentally fit woman, and has an eye for fashion and a great sense of style.

She was educated at the independent Bablake School in Coventry, and later went to the University of Leeds to study sociology, economic history, and philosophy. In 2000, Croxall married Stephen Morris, who is the managing director of the Facilitator Agency. Their children are her only known public appearances, but their life together is very private. Croxall’s personal life is just as secretive as their professional life.


As a news presenter, Martine Croxall makes a lot of money. Her salary is considerably higher than the average. Croxall has two children. She has worked in different areas of journalism over the years, including BBC Radio Leicester and BBC Newsroom South East. Croxall’s salary is not disclosed. However, Croxall is married to a journalist, Richard Croxall. Martine Croxall’s salary includes her salary for television work.

Martine Croxall attended Bablake Independent School in Coventry before going on to the University of Leeds. She majored in economics, sociology and philosophy. After graduation, Martine Croxall got married to Stephen Morris. The couple has two children, two sons and four grandchildren. The couple lives a fairly secretive life. Martine Croxall has never revealed how much her husband earns, but she does seem to eat well and spend time with her family.

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