Jimmy Page’s Ex-Wife Jimena Gomez-Paratcha – Biography, Career, and Net Worth

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If you are wondering if Jimmy Page’s ex-wife is worth $180 million, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you about her musical and vocal career, and how much money she’s made since her divorce from Jimmy Page in 2008.

Jimena Gomez-Paratcha has a net worth of $180 million

When she divorced from Jimmy Page in 2008, his net worth was just over $145 million. Since then, Jimena has maintained a low profile and does not make public appearances. Instead, she is working as a social worker and has a long-term record of charity work. This net worth is impressive considering how much she has achieved through charity work.

After a long and successful relationship with Jimmy Page, Jimena has been able to raise two daughters from their relationship. The couple married in 1986 and had a daughter, Zofia Jade, together. In 2008, the two separated for irreconcilable reasons. Their relationship is no longer public, but the two have been friends for a decade.

Jimmy Page and Jimena Gomez-Paratche’s relationship is over and they are no longer married. However, Jimmy and Jimena have remained friends ever since. Jimena has remained active in charity work, despite the divorce. Jimmy Page also adopted her elder daughter. The couple’s net worth is estimated to be around $180 million.

Jimmy Page and Jimena Gomez-Paratche are 46 years apart. Jimena and Jimmy met during the founding of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. She also worked with Jimmy on promoting his album No Quarter: Unledded. The relationship ended after the singer filed for divorce. Jimmy Page and Jimena’s net worth is estimated to be over $180 million.

Despite her rocky marriage, Jimmy Page’s ex-wife Jimene Gomez-Paratcha has remained active and successful. As a social lobbyist, Jimena Gomez-Paratcha has earned a handsome amount of money. Social lobbyists usually earn between $47k and $79k annually.

She has a career as a singer

Before she married Jimmy Page in 1995, Jimena Gomez-Paratche had a long and fascinating relationship with the lead guitarist of Drove Airship. Born in San Francisco, California, the singer/songwriter has a mixed heritage. Her mother was Argentine, and her father was Spanish. While she was raised in the United States, her early life was split between Buenos Aires and the Argentinean territories.

Despite being a successful model and an actress, Jimena Gomez-Paratcho has a colorful past. She worked with Amigo de las Americas as a child, helping a street tramp. The couple divorced in 2008, citing irreconcilable differences. Jimena Gomez-Paratcha is of Multiracial descent, and she stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her brown hair and eyes give her a unique look, and she has a rich and varied background.

Jimena Gomez-Paratcho was married to Jimmy Page in April 1995. They have two children, Zofia Jade Page and Pale Josan Page. During their marriage, the couple also worked on various causes and foundations. She is a singer, and has been a volunteer for charity organizations.

Before they divorced, Jimmy Page and Jimena had been married for 13 years. They had two daughters together, Ashen Josan and Zofia Jade. After their separation, they were still guardians for their son, James Patrick Page III. The couple also had a brief relationship with Jackie DeShannon in the mid-1970s.

After Jimmy Page and Jimena’s divorce, Jimena Gomez-Paratche has been a solo artist. She is a singer, and has released a song called “No Quarter.”

She has a musical career

Jimmy Page’s ex-wife Jimene Gomez-Paratcha has reportedly gotten into the music business. She and Page married in 1995. The couple have two daughters. Zofia Jade was born in 1997, and Ashen Josan was born in 1999. In 2008, the couple separated. Gomez-Paratcha is a singer, songwriter, and actress.

She was married to Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist from rock band Led Zeppelin. Their marriage lasted for 10 years and their two children are both famous musicians. Since the separation, she has avoided the limelight, but her musical career is still going strong. While she was able to remain out of the limelight, her children have been able to pursue their own musical careers.

Before marrying Gomez-Paratcha, Jimmy Page was married to Patricia Ecker, a model and waitress. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named James, in 1988. The couple announced their separation in 2005. Since then, Jimmy Page has been focusing his musical career on his son. He also started dating actress Scarlet Sabet in 2014.

The two met while working in “Seeds of Light” charity, a nonprofit organization that helps underprivileged women. She also grew up in the Argentine provinces. They are both of mixed race and have two children. Interestingly, both women have a similar appearance and are very private. Jimmy Page’s ex-wife Jimena Gomez-Paratcha has a musical career.

In 2011, Jimmy Page and Jimena divorced. However, they remain friends. Jimena Gomez-Paratcha has a musical career, while Jimmy Page is a legendary frontman for Led Zeppelin. Jimena Gomez-Paratcha is of mixed race and is a mother of two daughters.

She married Jimmy Page in 1995

Before becoming famous, Jimena Gomez-Paratche was associated with Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist of rock band Led Zeppelin. She was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in various cities, including Los Angeles and Buenos Aires. She is of mixed ethnicity and holds American nationality. Her children are named Ashen Josan and Zofia Jade. Jimmy and Jimena separated in 2008 due to irreconcilable differences.

She has a net worth of $200 thousand. This net worth is a result of her professional career and social activism. She has a long history of good looks and is very fit and healthy. She is a good-looking personality and has been married twice before. In fact, her name is so popular that it has become the most searched word on Google. After divorcing Jimmy Page, she received alimony from Page.

Despite their split, Jimena Gomez-Paratch is a mother of three and works for a foundation. Her career is mostly in charity work and she fills in for her former husband on the weekends. Her children have not been the focus of the public eye, but her love for their father is clear. They met while volunteering in South America. The couple’s divorce ended in 2008, after which Jimmy adopted her eldest child Jana.

Despite a 27-year age difference, the couple remained a couple for 13 years. They married for love and stayed in touch, with the latter’s mother, Patricia Ecker. The couple adopted Jana when she was six months old. Their daughter, Zofia Jade Page, is still in school and stays away from the limelight. Their three children are all grown-up, so Jimmy and Jimena are now living a happy life apart from the limelight.

She split with him in 2007

When we think about the music industry, one of the most iconic names is Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page was the legendary lead guitarist of the rock band Led Zeppelin. He was married to American singer and songwriter Jimena Gomez-Paratcha, who is now single. Her career net worth is estimated at $5 million. But it’s not clear what her current marital status is, which leaves many people wondering if she’s single or in a secret relationship.

The net worth of Jimmy Page’s ex-wife Jimeny Gomez-Paratcha is still unknown. Although he was married to Charlotte Martin from 1970 to 1983, he is now a social lobbyist, where he has a substantial income. She is currently earning a handsome salary, and has not been seen in public in the past few years.

She has always been involved in humanitarian work, and she was involved in it at an early age. She was involved in network work in Ecuador and volunteered at many orphanages as a child. She was even involved with Amigo de Las Americas, where she helped out vagrants when she was 11 years old. After meeting Jimmy Page, she had a successful career in music and was even married.

The couple met while she was working for “Seeds of Light,” a foundation for underprivileged women. After they married, Jimmy went back to promoting his albums. Their children are now grown and beautiful. The couple also has a second marriage and their daughter has already moved out. Jimmy Page’s ex-wife is now a household name thanks to her career.

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