Thomas Mikal Ford’s Ex-Wife Gina Sasso Biography and Net Worth

Thomas Mikal Ford’s Ex-Wife Gina Sasso Biography and Net Worth

Gina Sasso was born in 1963. She is the ex-wife of famous actor Thomas Mikal Ford. Her sister recalled that she was always a caregiver. Today, she is the owner of a sales and marketing company.

Gina Sasso

Thomas Mikal Ford’s ex-wife, Gina Sasso, is an American-born businesswoman with an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. She runs a sales and marketing firm. The former couple was married for 17 years and had two children. However, they separated in 2014 and divorced.

Gina Sasso met Thomas Mikal Ford while working on a business trip and they got married in 1997. The couple had two kids together, and their relationship was private. Gina and Thomas separated in 2014. Their children are still under their care.

Gina Sasso’s education

Gina Sasso’s education is not well-known, but she did graduate from a college. She went on to work at the Caribbean Satellite Network before starting her own business. Today, she owns a sales and marketing company. She is a registered Democrat and has not revealed much information about her education.

Gina Sasso is 58 years old and belongs to the White ethnicity. She also practices Christianity. Her parents and siblings have not revealed their identity, which is quite understandable given her relatively secretive personality. Her height and weight are unknown, but she does have an average body figure. Her hair color is brown.

Gina Sasso’s career

Gina Sasso is a businesswoman who worked as a sales manager before she became famous as the ex-wife of actor Tommy Ford. Before her marriage, Sasso had no connections to the acting industry. Her husband, however, was an actor who played the role of Tommy Strawn on the TV series Martin. He also appeared in New York Undercover and the UPN comedy The Parkers.

Gina Sasso’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million by 2022. However, it is not clear whether she has been receiving an impressive salary. However, there are rumors that Sasso studied at local universities.

Gina Sasso’s divorce from Thomas Mikal Ford

Since the divorce, Gina Sasso has largely disappeared from public view. However, she should not be mistaken for another Gina Sasso who is the Director of Customer Service at Thule Group. Previously, she worked for Stanley Black and Decker. This career-oriented woman is of average height and weight, and she chooses to keep a low profile in public.

Gina Sasso is a successful businesswoman, with a net worth in the $500k-$1m range. She has a marketing and sales company and is also involved in business ventures. She is not active on social networking sites, preferring to keep her private life private. In addition, she does not have a wiki page.

Gina Sasso’s children

Thomas Mikal Ford was an American actor, producer, director, and author. He was the late ex-husband of actress Gina Sasso. He was born on September 5, 1964, in Los Angeles. His death was a tragic accident. His estate may go to his children.

Although Thomas Mikal Ford’s ex-wife, Gina Sasso, is not publically visible, her children are very well known. Her son Thomas Jr., and daughter Madison were born in the same year. Gina Sasso Ford’s children are not aware of their father’s previous marriage. Their parents are not public figures, but they prefer to remain private.

Gina Sasso’s net worth

Gina Sasso is an entrepreneur and businesswoman from the United States with an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. Sasso was previously married to actor and comedian Thomas Mikal Ford. The couple were married for eleven years and had two children. However, Sasso has largely remained out of the public eye in recent years.

Gina Sasso completed her early education at Local High School and attended the University of. After a brief stint in the industry, she married well-known actor Tommy Ford and set up her own sales and marketing firm. Gina’s net worth is expected to rise to approximately $1 million by 2021. Her ex-husband was worth an estimated $2 million before his untimely death. Gina does not use social media, preferring to keep her private life private. Her house and children are not listed on any public websites.

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