Christian Pulisic’s Sister Devyn Pulisic Bio, Parents, Career & Net Worth

Christian Pulisic's Sister Devyn Pulisic Bio, Parents, Career & Net Worth

If you are interested in learning more about Devyn, this article is for you. You will find out the name of this famous Minnesotan athlete, her bio, her parents’ career and net worth. It’s also possible to get some information on her early life and family. Devyn is of Swedish descent and was born on April 10, 1996. Her parents are Mark and Kelley Pulisic. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a former professional indoor soccer player. She has two brothers, including Christian. She is very close to her brother and shares similar interests with him.

Who is Devyn Pulisic?

Devyn is the younger sister of Minnesota Vikings forward Christian. The two have a close relationship. They are often spotted together during holidays and birthdays. The family owns a horse training and boarding business called Tranquility Stables. Christian’s net worth is around $10 million, which is about $188,000 a week.

Devyn has a much smaller net worth than her brother. Devyn is a model and a professional skateboarder. Devyn is only 12 years old, but she is reportedly worth $1.1 million. In 2017, she was awarded the captaincy of the national team and became the most expensive North American player ever. Devyn’s net worth is just as impressive.

Devyn Pulisic is dating a young man named Ben. They met in a charity ride and later started dating. Despite this, the two do not share much personal information. Ben has not yet revealed the name of his job. They have not revealed their relationship, but their friendship and closeness are undoubtedly very strong. The two have a cute dog together.

Devyn Pulisic: Wiki & Biography

Christian’s sister Devyn Pulisisc is an entrepreneur and a model. She was born on April 10, 1996. Her parents are Mark and Kelley Pulisic. Mark is a former professional indoor soccer player, while Kelley is a schoolteacher. Devyn was raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her parents are both former teachers and have strong business backgrounds. She grew up in a very wealthy family.

Despite having a sister, Christian is the oldest player of his family. He was raised by his parents and his sister Devyn, who is an aspiring model. He has a net worth of $14 million as of 2022. Christian’s parents are not well-known, but his sister is a popular YouTuber. She has appeared on many sports shows and has won numerous awards.

Christian’s sister, Devyn, is a Croatian citizen. She is the daughter of Christian’s paternal grandfather and is close with her brother. They both have businesses, including a horse riding stable. Devyn has also trained Christian. They share many special events such as birthdays and holidays. In addition, they are very close to each other.

Devyn Pulisic: Early Life & Family

Christian Pulisic has a sister named Devyn, who is a well-known American entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is also close to her brother. She owns a horseback riding stable and coaches other people. She is also Christian’s mentor and trainer, having trained her brother on how to ride horses. However, she’s still private and active on social media.

Christian grew up in the United States. He spent the early part of his life playing soccer. Both his parents played for George Mason University and then later retired as professional soccer players. After playing professionally for several years, his father became a soccer coach at both youth and professional levels. Christian Pulisic’s family moved to England when he was seven. When his father became the general manager of an indoor soccer team called the Detroit Ignition, they relocated to Detroit. They played soccer with the Michigan Rush and attended the Workman Elementary School.

Christian Mate Pulisic was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He attended Workman Elementary School and Hershey High School. His father is Mark Pulisic, and his mother Kelley Harlow Pulisic is his mother. He is a stepbrother and a sister. Devyn and Christian spend lots of time together, training horses and playing soccer.

Devyn Pulisic: Nationality & Ethnicity

Devyn is of white ethnicity. She is the younger sister of Christian Pulisic, an American professional football player. Both are based in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She is a 114-pound athletic woman with a blonde hair and gray eyes. She owns Tranquility Stables, a horse training business. Devyn has a history in horse riding and training.

Devyn is a Croatian citizen. Her paternal grandfather was born in Croatia. Her younger brother, Christian, is an NFL player who was promoted to the senior team at the age of 17. The pair are close and spend a lot of time together. Christian also owns a horse training business, and Devyn helps her older sister promote her company.

Christian Pulisic is a US-Croatian. He is also a member of the Millennial generation, which is the first generation of adults born in the new millennium. His parents both played collegiate soccer at George Mason University. His mother is a physical education teacher. Her father was a coach at the youth and professional levels. Pulisic is 5’8” tall and has brown hair.

Meet Devyn Pulisic’s Brother Christian Pulisic

Meet Christian and Devyn’s brothers and their bios. Christian was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania. His parents met when they were both playing college soccer and football. Christian is a recent transfer from the Philadelphia Union to the Chelsea Football Club and will be spending the next six years in the Premier League. Christian’s parents are Mark and Kelly Pulisic. His father played soccer and volleyball at the University of Pennsylvania and is a professional soccer coach at the Chelsea Football Club.

Christian and Devyn are siblings who are businessmen. Christian’s sister owns a horse riding business called Tranquility Stables. They are both entrepreneurs and have made good money. Christian has accumulated a net worth of approximately $5 million from his successful football career. You can see more about his career by checking out his net worth and bio.

Is Devyn Pulisic Single Or Dating Someone?

Devyn is the younger sister of Christian Pulisic, who is a professional soccer player. She is also the owner of the Tranquility Stables LLC, a horse training business. She is originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her parents are Mark and Kelley Pulisic, both of whom played at the collegiate level. Her father was an athlete and coach while her mother is a teacher. She was born on April 10, 1996, in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

There are many rumored relationships between basketball players, but is Devyn Pulisic single or dating someone? Despite his upcoming 25th birthday, it is unlikely that he’s single. It is believed that Devyn is dating a young man named Ben, who is 25 years old. Ben has not revealed his occupation, but he has not confirmed his relationship with Devyn. Ben and Devyn have a cute dog together.

Christian Pulisic and Devyn are close family. Devyn owns Tranquility Stables, a horse training and boarding business. Christian also helps Devyn with the business, and the two have a close bond. The two also share a common love of horses, which they share. Christian Pulisic is also close with his sister, who has a business, and the two have been promoting it on social media.

Devyn Pulisic: Quick Facts

While Christian has made a name for himself as a football star, many people are unaware of his sibling, Devyn. As his sister, she has managed to collect a sizable amount of money from her business. The business is called Tranquility Stables. According to her social media posts, she also trains horses and offers horse boarding and lessons.

Devyn Pulisic: Devyn is Christian’s older sister. The siblings are very close and often celebrate important occasions together. Christian also learned how to ride a horse from her. Her sister is an entrepreneur who has been featured on many websites and blogs. It’s easy to learn a lot about famous people if you know a bit about them.

Christian Mate: This football player was born on September 18, 1998, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the US national soccer team and plays for Chelsea. His parents are Mark and Kelley Pulisic. He has great success on the field, and wears the number 10 jersey for the club. He has a close relationship with his sister Devyn.

What is Devyn Pulisic’s Net Worth?

Christian Pulisic and Devyn are siblings. Devyn is a businessman and has her own stables. She also has a business partner, Christian, and they both work together to promote their horseback riding stable. They have a combined net worth of over EUR60 million. Christian has several businesses and is likely to grow his net worth further in the future. Devyn was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on the 10th of April each year.

Christian Pulisic’s sister is very close to him. They have a close relationship, and Christian often helps out his sister’s business. Devyn is active on social media, and he also shares a common love of horses and riding. The two are close, and Devyn has coached Christian to ride horses and has a passion for horses. In addition to being a close family member, Christian and Devyn are close friends.

What is Devyn Pulisic doing in her free time? She has a serious relationship with a young man named Ben. They have been dating for over two years and are happy to spend time with each other. Devyn is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 52 kg. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are gray. Devyn uses social media to promote her business.

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