Larry King’s ex-wife Alene Akins Bio, Net Worth & Personal Life

Larry King's ex-wife Alene Akins Bio, Net Worth & Personal Life

Alene Akins was the third wife of famous TV and radio personality Larry King. She was born in America to a mixed race couple, William Davis Akins and Doris Mable Taylor. She had three half-siblings. However, her life ended prematurely when she succumbed to sepsis. In her obituary, King said, “We’ll never know how much we contributed to his success.”

Alene Akins was the third wife of legendary broadcaster Larry King

The third wife of Larry King was Alene Akins, who was born in 1940. Akins was once a playboy bunny who was also a successful television personality. Before she married King, she had a net worth of $500k. This money was earned from her ex-husband. Akins was also popular and loved by fans of King’s show. King married Akins because he had children with her.

Alene Akins was married to Larry King in 1961. They had a son, Andy King, from another relationship. The two divorced in 1963, and King later married Mary Francis “Mickey” Sutphin. Alene Akins and Larry King remarried in 1969, and they welcomed a daughter, Chaia King. Larry King and Akins divorced in 1972. In 1983, King married Sharon Lepore.

She was a television and radio host

In 1961, Larry King married Alene Akins, a former playboy bunny. They later divorced. While King was a successful television and radio host, his relationship with Akins was not without drama. Alene was known for her unconventional behavior and she received plenty of flack for it. However, her public image remained intact, despite the scandal.

Alene Akins was a television and broadcast personality, and she married Larry King twice. They had one biological daughter, Chaia, and one adopted child, Andy. Both Andy and Alene died of lung cancer in 2020. Andy King was born on April 20, 1961, and Chaia in 1962. Alene Akins was the first television and radio host to have a son.

Alene Akins and Larry King married in 1961 and divorced in 1963. After the divorce, King married Mary Francis “Mickey” Sutphin. A year later, King remarried Akins and had their daughter Chaia King. The couple divorced again in 1972. Alene King later remarried and had a son with another woman named Susan Lepore. The couple divorced in 1994.

She died of sepsis

Alene Akins was the ex-wife of late CNN host Larry King. They shared a daughter named Chaia. The couple also adopted a son named Andy from Akins’ previous relationship. King had two other children with other women. Chance and Cannon were adopted by his second wife Shawn King. In addition to Chaia, King was also the father of two sons, Cannon and Chance.

The cause of her death was not known, but ET Online reported that Alene Akins suffered from sepsis and COVID-19. A report from the New York Times also said that Larry had undergone surgery for chest pain and lung cancer. She died of sepsis on January 2, 2019.

She had three half-siblings

Before Larry King married Alene Akins, he dated a number of women. His first wife, Freda Miller, divorced him in 1951, and then King married another talk show host at his television station. After that divorce, he married another woman, Sharon Lepore, in 1961. The couple had three children together: Chance, Cannon, and Kelly. They divorced in 1977 and had three more children together.

The children were born in 1961 and 1962. Chaia King and Larry King were married in 1961. They separated in 1963 but got back together in 1967. They divorced two years later, and Larry and Alene divorced in 1972. Larry King had three children with Alene, including Andy, their biological son. Andy died of lung cancer in August 2020, but the couple did have three half-siblings.

She has a net worth of $2.6 million

Alene Akins was the third wife of the late TV personality Larry King. She was born in 1940, and was the daughter of William Davis Akins and Doris Mable Taylor. Alene was of mixed race and was of American nationality. Larry King has earned a net worth of $50 million. Alene’s net worth is approximately $2.6 million.

Alene King and Larry reunited in 1961, and the couple married in a lavish ceremony at the magazine’s nightclub. Alene had one biological daughter, Chaia, and adopted another son, Andy. Andy King died on July 28, 2020, and Alene died of lung cancer on August 19, 2020. Their marriage was a tragedy that Larry King called a double tragedy.

She died in 2021

Larry King’s ex-wife Alene had a net worth of $500k at the time of her death. Alene Akins was the third wife of the late television personality. She was the playboy bunny. Before her death in February 2017, she had accumulated an estimated $500k net worth. Before her death, she was a playboy bunny and had a small net worth from her marriage to King.

Alene Akins was married to Larry King in 1961. She had a son from a previous relationship. They married for a year and separated five years later. Alene and Larry had two children together. The couple had a biological daughter named Chaia and an adopted son named Andy. Sadly, the couple divorced and split. However, the couple remarried a few years later. The couple still shared a son, Andy King.

She is buried in California

The body of Larry King’s ex-wife Alene is now interred in a cemetery in California. Akins was King’s second wife, and they had two children together. They divorced in 1963, and then married again in 1967. Chaia and Andy Akins died of heart attacks and lung cancer respectively. Akins died in 2017, and King was buried beside her.

King had two children with Alene Akins, Andy and Chaia. The two later died, and Larry King was left with his son Larry Jr. and stepson Daniel Southwick. After graduating from high school, King wanted to work in radio. He first worked as a messenger. Then, a CBS employee encouraged him to try out the radio business in Florida. He was hired by a small station, WAHR, and took over the 9 a.m. to noon show after a disc jockey quit.

She is a real Jew

Alene Akins is a former actress and playboy model. She was married twice to TV personality Larry King. After the first divorce, King remarried Akins in 1968. The pair divorced again in 1972. Before Alene Akins died in February 2017, her net worth was estimated at $500,000. Her net worth is an unknown number, but she is not poor, either.

Alene Akins married Larry King in 1961, a lavish ceremony held at the magazine nightclub. She had adopted Andy King as a child. Larry King and Alene had one biological daughter, Chaia. Unfortunately, Alene passed away of lung cancer on August 19, 2020, a year after Andy died. Her death has been described as a “double tragedy”.

She loved Jewish food, humor, and culture

One of the best-known television personalities in the world, Larry King, is a proud Jew. He is a “Super Jew” and loved Jewish culture and food. He has had many marriages, including two that ended in divorce. In his early years, Larry barely graduated from high school and did not attend college. His father died of a heart attack at age 44, leaving his family in dire straits. As a young man, Larry had to work anywhere to make ends meet.

After his divorce from his first wife, he married Alene Akins in 1969. In addition to marrying Alene Akins, King married Alene Akins in 1969. The couple had a daughter, Chaia. King’s first marriage to Mary Francis Sutphin ended in divorce, and his second marriage ended in divorce. King was married eight times, twice to the same woman. He had five children with each wife.

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